Bill OnTime ™

app for your Android Phone

Save on Bills !

Bill OnTime™ automatically notifies about monthly bills for credit cards, utility, etc.

If you don't like to lose your hard earned money then stop paying late fees on your Credit Card bills, stop paying late fees on your utilities bills, etc. How? Stop being late to pay - install Bill OnTime™ app on your Android phone. It just takes few moments to fill out basic info about your bill and close the app. Now you will be reminded many times and ahead of time that you need to pay the bill.Now for only $7.49 you will never miss a payment...and never pay late fees. So what do you get to lose ? Click on the button below to get Bill OnTime™ now...

(To visit this web site on your Android phone go to

Secure payment with PayPal ®

Upon buying of the app you will receive an activation code. Please write it down.


* Intuitive and simple interface allows to eliminate most of the learning curve
* Built in Help
* Secure: application does not require to store any sensitive information (full account numbers, credit cards number, etc.)
* Bill OnTime ™ 'cannot miss' reminder
* One touch Bill info access
* Supported monthly bills types: credit cards, mortgages, loans, cable services, gas, electricity, telephone service, etc.
* Number of bills: unlimited ( depends on a phone's memory availability)
* Number of reminders during a day: 2 (one in the morning and one before the end of business day)
* Number of days before reminders kick in: up to 5 days
* and more...

Android phones supported: 3 to 5.7 inch display, Android OS 1.6 and higher (Donut, Gingerbread,Ice Cream Sandwich,Lollipop, Marshmallow)

45 days of free technical support

7 days money back guarantee if paid with PayPal ® (not a credit card)


Questions, technical support, etc.: please contact us at

visit us at

Bill OnTime™ can help you by saving HUNDREDS of DOLLARS a year on the fees which you pay on credit cards, rent, loan, etc. if you are late or miss your payments. Bill OnTime™ will remind you about these payments so you will be on time!

Would you like to WORRY LESS ABOUT YOUR BILLs ? Bill OnTime™ will give you a 'cannot miss' reminder when it is time to pay for one or many bills so you can be more relaxed at other times and take care of other stuff.

Save Money

Build a good Credit History

Never have your Phone off due to non-payment

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